Scott MacDonald

      Scott has been a movie fanatic since the age of 7 when he got his hands on a tape of Friday the 13th Part VII at a local Mom and Pop video store in Secaucus, NJ. 

      He’s an aspiring filmmaker that has directed 6 short films, some of which have actually played film festivals.  He has an A.A. in film, and is currently working on a B.S. in software development.

     Scott started EuroCultAV, because of his passion for International genre films.  You can check out Scott’s IMDB profile here, and you can write him here.


Ryan Miller

     Ryan Miller is a movie lover and part-time badass. His other part time  job is as a preschool teacher. That's pretty rad too.

    He has an  Associates Degree from SCF, and is recently an ordained minister.  Seriously, what can't Ryan do?

     Ryan writes for EurocultAV because of his  personal interest in film, and beyond that, it's fun. Feel free to  contact me with love/hate/desperately lonely E-mails. I'll try to  respond to as many as possible.


Bobby Morgan


Bobby Morgan loves movies because they have been they have been his best friend as far back as he can remember. Throughout the good times and the bad he has never been without a quality flick to lift his spirits, or a tremendously horrible one to remind him that not everyone can be a filmmaker.


He has clerked at a record store, sold shoes to uncouth suburbanites, peddled porno tapes to clergymen, walked down Hollywood Boulevard on a cool Sunday afternoon, and if you have banked with Wachovia he knows what you have spending your money on. He currently writes for EuroCultAV and Geeks of Doom (under the name Baadasssss) and is also writing short films to be produced in his hometown of Richmond, VA and hopefully will get to write a feature-length screenplay sometime soon because a cocaine habit is not cheap.


Bobby is also planning to start a religion based on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and wants to construct a chapel designed to look like the Satellite of Love. Any takers?

You can reach Bobby at