Little Sisters/Powder Burns

Director - Alex De Renzy

Cast - Clair Dia, Kandi Johno

Country of Origin - U.S.

Discs - 1

Distributor - Vinegar Syndrome

Reviewer - Andrew Bemis

Date - 05/23/15

The Films (2/5):


Vinegar Syndromeís double feature disc includes two movies by Alex de Renzy, the adult film auteur whose pervy sense of humor and penchant for kinky, out-of-left-field plot twists would later result in porno classics like Pretty Peaches and Femmes de Sade. The two movies included here - 1972ís Little Sisters and the previous yearís Powder Burns - are among his earliest work, and theyíre much rougher, technically and performance-wise, than his later films. Thereís still enough general weirdness on display, however, for them to be of interest to de Renzy fans.


   Little Sisters is the more interesting of the two - a weird psychosexual fairy tale seemingly shot in the woods over a couple of days, the movieís technical and narrative ineptness oddly words for it. The story follows a mother and her two nubile daughters (Clair Dia and Kandi Johnson - the rest of the cast is unbilled) who live in an idyllic shack in the woods. When the mother goes out for the day, her daughters are kidnapped by - a plot summary I read afterward said they were ďpirates,Ē but I thought they were murderous hippies. Maybe weíre both right.


As the girls are repeatedly defiled, their mother searches for them with the help of a longhair in Peter Pan costume and a gang of ďdykesĒ (the term the movie repeatedly uses). The movie is very much a product of its time, with the bad hippie gang throwing off strong Mansonoid vibes. The grainy 16mm scenes of the young girls being carried into the woods are reminiscent of the same yearís Last House on the Left, whose director and producer had gotten their start in porn. Thankfully, things donít get as grim here, as the whole thing builds to an inexplicably happy ending.


Little Sisters was made early enough that there wasnít really a formula for shooting sex yet, which is most evident in the complete lack of money shots. At the same time, this gives the movie an odd kind of freedom, most obviously in an extended gay orgy scene at a monastery. Guy-on-guy scenes are almost never included in porn aimed at straight audiences today, and thereís something admirably transgressive about its inclusion here, even if itís just because de Renzy didnít know any better. Itís also possible that he just didnít care - judging from the inclusion of cues from the soundtracks of Performance and 2001 over, respectively, the monastery scene and one where a scrawny guy has sex with a very big lady, thatís a strong possibility.


   The second feature, Powder Burns, isnít as fascinatingly odd, though it has its moments. Itís an awkward attempt at a western parody narrated by Sheriff Sham, the mayor of Sewerpipe Creek and the proprietor or the townís saloon. What little plot there is involves Sham using go-go dancers to bring in business and his conflict with local bad guys the McNasty brothers. Powder Burns actually seems to forget that itís a porno for a while - aside from the occasional striptease, thereís no sex in the movie for the first 45 minutes, and itís all cornpone humor and mugging until then. When the movie eventually gets to the sex scenes, theyíre interestingly unpolished - the sex here feels less choreographed than verite, like the performers just went for it while the cameras rolled. As with Little Sisters, it feels like nobody involved really knew what they were doing - it doesnít make for a great porno, but itís interesting in its own way.


Audio/Video (2.5/5)


   Vinegar Syndrome presents both films in their original aspect ratios of 1.33:1. Itís clear the elements the company had to work with were rougher than usual, with print damage throughout both films. The 1.0 mono audio fares better, though it also occasionally suffers from damage to the prints used. The company still deserves credit for bringing these films to DVD, though - while the transfers may not be up to the companyís usual high standards, a little research suggests that this is as good as either movie has ever looked or sounded on home video.


Extras (0/5)


   No extras are included.




   While the transfers are far from perfect and the discs feature the movies only, itís safe to say that this is the best possible presentation of these films. For fans of Alex de Renzy or porn with a weird streak, this disc is worth a look.